In my dreams I am dirty, broke, beautiful and free
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Doctor Who vs. Doctor Doom! Art by Dan McDaid, colors by me.

I’m reblogging this cause I know my Samei will jizz when she sees this, then she’ll send it to her Steven and he’ll jizz. In conclusion I want to be the reason two people jizz today :)

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I just had a dream about Doctor Who and Justin Taylor totally going at it


naughty naughty Doctor

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Flipping channels between Doctor Who and Were the World Mine,

Tonight is a good one for T.V.

So my boyfriend compared me to the 10th doctor today, that’s the one David Tennant plays, and like I think Steven might actually love me after hearing that.

I’m about to cry I’m laughing so hard at the hipster daleks

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Where are you?


What are you doing?

Why won’t you hang out with me?

Why are you always busy?

What the fuck do you do with your life?

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Dance, Wilf, Dance.

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