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Our daydream spills from my gold head, breaks free of my wooden neck. Left a nod over sleeping waves like bobbing bait for bathing cod floating flocks of candle swans, slowly drift across wax ponds. The men all played along to marching drums and boy did they have fun behind the sea. They sang, ‘So our matching legs are marching clocks and we’re all too small to talk to God. Yes, we’re all too smart to talk to God.’

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this is how i would want my wikipedia article to end

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Artist Arrested For Letting People 3-D Print Models Of Her Vagina

Megumi Igarashi loves pussy.

More precisely, the 42-year-old designer loves her own pussy. Constructed from molds of Igarashi’s genitalia, the artist’s body of work includes a vagina lampshade, a vagina kayak, vagina smartphone cases, vagina dioramas, vagina toys, and more. But the Tokyo police don’t share Igarashi’s predilections, at least, not in an official capacity.

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I weep bcause I think I hardly ever read anything funnier



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